Cumbria Local Access Forum


Membership Following County Council elections, 3 members of the Council were appointed to the Forum.

  • Elizabeth Mallinson
  • John Murphy
  • Nick Cotton

Two new forum members recently appointed ( July 2014) are Ron and Chris Lyon who run the local group of Disabled Ramblers. Their knowledge and experience of disability issues extend the breadth of user group knowledge within the forum.


Coastal Access  An important role for the Cumbria Local Access Forum is to input into the Coastal Access consultation process. Cumbria is one of the pilot areas chosen by Natural England for the implementation of Coastal Access. Lessons learned here will influence how the coastal path will develop around the country.

The new access rights between Allonby and Whitehaven (stretch 1) came into force in April 2014.  Stretches 2 and 3 are works in progress.